7 May 2016

X Wing

Strangely played on the fourth of May.
More of Chris's impressive work on display.

Lots of counters and loads of information on the bases.
Surprisingly quite an easy game to pic up  and it flows

Combat system is well thought out. A game more
about maneuvering yourself into good positions
than just fire power.

I'm beginning to suspect  my passion for the dark
side stems for going to a Catholic all boys school.

 Those paint jobs....... Chris

The only negative was my ability to ricochet off
every asteroid on the board. It looked like I was
playing pinball. Another potential collection, easy
to transport and not to uneconomical with the small
forces required.

Assorted Pics

Every now and again  I take a photo that's either a
one off or doesn't quite fit a blog report. So I'll
include them in occasion mass posts

Magnetic bases, used on my Saga Normans. Also
fridge magnet sheets from a craft store. All makes
storage and transportation so much easier.

Impetvs, good set of rules that cover Ancient,
Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Wings of War. A regular game on a Wednesday
night at the Napoleonic Wargaming Society.

Pike, Shot and Horseys

 A small sample of my brothers figures.

Chariot races, a game that should be adopted internationally
as a drinking game. Popular at the club especially with the
junior members, ............sober junior members.

My first race I climbed onto the reigns to show off as I went
down the straight going on to an emphatic win.

Second race I fell off showing off again, injuring my leg.
Another driver dicing with almost certain death managed
to leap onto my riderless Chariot. Then preceded to run
my limping hero  over as he made his way off the track.

Third race, that's my drivers corpse under the wreckage
in the photo above.

A game with mushroom men, an oversized grasshopper
and cool terrain made from melted coke bottles and
craft glue. We must bring random drug testing into
the club soon.

Space Armada, love the maneuvering guides, (top pic)
a really great idea.  Something about playing for the
dark side seems so natural.

And finally Greeks painted by Chris. All I can say
is any of Chris's work is a sight to see. Unless you
suffer from premature ejaculation. In which case his
figures are to be avoided.

Swedish 30 Years War

Third and last game on the Saturday. I managed
to slip away a few times in between moves and
it was well worth it.

I recently updated my "Paint.net" programme.
Hence a far better job at substituting clouds
into the background.

One of the great aspects of this period is
the generic nature of the forces. A change
of flag and away you go with a different unit.

Irish and Swedish Regiments. Very colourful period.

At first I was going to discard this photo. But then I
reconsidered as this is what the defending model see's
just before things get nasty.

And this is what the the gamer see's.

Nice figures all round.

4 May 2016

Impetvs Macedonians verse Sassanids

The second of the three games on display on Saturday
was a four aside affair. The Macedonians had discussed
setting up fully on the left board but decided against
that idea. Luckily as the Sassanids did opt for that option
and we could have ended up with both armies on different
boards. Both sides were allowed up to a thousand points.

For the Macedonians Dave took our far left flank, Alan
our left. I ended up positioning between the two hills on
the right and Mark on the right wing.
Across the table the Sassanids commanders all seemed
to  be all called Mark Hammid or some islamic variant.
Initially the thoughts were the Macedonians were in serious
trouble as the right wing was up against the whole Sassanid

Two of the expert commanders diced off for initiative
only to prove they were indeed expert commanders

Mark and my commands did our best to reenact
the Battle of Thermopylae. Anchoring ourselves
between the two hills and awaited the onslaught
of the massed Sassanid cavalry.

The Sassanids received flanking fire from the hill
on their right and also had to overcome large units,
and elephants. A formidable wall between them and
our comfort troops...... I mean baggage sheep. There
was no way a Kiwi  would be allowing his sheep to
be shared.

The massed Sassanid cavalry.

The dice rolls for the Macedonian missile troops
seriously weakened the first wave of cavalry. As
the defense positioned itself on opportunity

Our Marks light cavalry managed to scout the
Sassanids on our right and got the better of their
screen on that flank. While his elephants charged
and ran amuck among the horses.

The Sassanid first command bounces off and routs.

Dave and Alan were doing their best to force march
their way to our rescue. After what looked like a
difficult situation the Sassanids were being rapidly
flanked by Daves forces while Alan started to form a
second rank behind  the hill.

One of the better focused camera shots. My tactic
of taking loads of shots made up for the ipads
The models must have felt like fashion models after
the shoot.

The Sassanids were struggling to get any form of
breakthrough. And it seemed inevitable the the fast
approach of reserves would prompt a tactical withdraw.

We were running out of time on what must
have been a frustrating game for some of the
commands which struggled to get into engagement.
An interesting game nether the less.

3 May 2016

Battle of Rorke's Drift

One of three games played at Perth's Napoleonic
Wargaming Societies Saturday game day. I snapped
a few photo's but was busy on another table.

The table set up was excellent, and although the
buildings were from an older manufacturer the
chunkiness and simplicity gave them a very
authentic feel. 

 Zulus invade the hospital compound.

The hospital including patients and
Private Henry Hook. Zulus have managed
to get through the roof.

 An overview of the proceedings. Troops are stripped
from walls to reinforce week points. The battle hangs
in the balance.

 The hospital is overwhelmed.

The Brits seem to be holding on but only just.